Get to know

Bill O'Donnell


Rose Tree Media School District

Board of Directors


Bill is a lifelong resident of the Rose Tree Media School District, having graduated from Penncrest in 1983, as are his three children.   A certified public accountant, Bill has a BS in Accounting from Lehigh University and a MBA from Villanova University.  

He as been a large part of what makes Rose Tree Media schools so desirable having a School Board Director since 2006 and having served as President in 2016, Vice President in 2015 and 2018-19, and Finance Chair from 2010-2019.  During his time as Finance Chair there was never a tax increase proposed that exceeded Pennsylvania Act I and indeed four times were lower than the guideline.   And while finances aren't sexy it's important to note that in this window that the Granite Run Mall and Franklin Mint tax assessments, significant contributors to the District's budget were declining while at the same time Rose Tree Media School Districts annual PSERS retirement contribution (expenses) INCREASED annually by approximately $7,000,000. 


Bill's leadership made Rose Tree Media School District a top ranked District in the State and with his smart financial management and leadership kept taxes increases under control.   He looks forward to continuing his service in making education great, keeping our property values high and preserving those great reasons why people move to the Rose Tree Media School District.