Republicans Embracing Different Ideas:  Endorsing an Independent

I am a wife, mother of three young children, veteran Naval Officer and a Middletown resident since 2008. My husband was raised in Delaware County so this became my beloved second home during our time in the Navy. During visits here on military leave, I came to love the environment of Middletown:  Ridley Creek State Park, Tyler Arboretum, Linvilla, the smallish town feel with city-like amenities.

I was raised the oldest of five children in a suburb of Detroit with a strong sense of service, education, accountability, and community. I attended Cornell University on a Navy ROTC scholarship, and selected to become a Naval Aviator. Flying helicopters had been a dream but I came to love the teamwork in leading aircrews just as much. Accomplishing missions with people from all walks of life, different ideologies and cultures was humbling, and extremely rewarding. After my nine years of military service, we chose to put down roots here in Middletown. I successfully utilized my operational leadership skills in the private sector for Amazon and Petro Home Services.


Upon the birth of our twin sons, I left corporate management to focus on raising my three children. The pull of service to community still kept me busy, leading to my efforts involving the Mariner East project out of concern for private property rights, public safety and welfare, and ultimately, our community. Those experiences further taught me it is mission essential to not only be persistent, knowledgeable, and communicative but also to effectively bring people together despite differences.


My desire to focus on serving Middletown as a whole, beyond party politics or perceived differences, led me to register as an Independent after having been a Republican my whole life. I want to focus on engaging with residents on their desires for the preservation and future of Middletown, to strategically plan for that and help focus on that mission. I have proven my ability to carry that out and look forward to doing so for Middletown.

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Bibianna Dussling

Independent....and Republican Endorsed

Middletown Township Council 3rd District