Middletown Township Council's Republican Leadership has made Middletown Township one of the most desirable places to live in Southeastern Pennsylvania.  Some of the reasons why?:

  • One of the lowest property tax rates in the area:  the 5th lowest of 49 Municipalities in Delaware County with NO earned income tax percentage

  • No tax increases - in 19 of the past 20 years Middletown Township has not raised property taxes

  • Property tax DECREASES - in 2016 Middletown actually lowered property taxes 6%

  • Leadership in Open Space - Middletown will be the #1 holder of municipally held open space in Delaware County

  • Passive transportation leadership:  Middletown was the first municipality to support the Chester Creek rails to trails and has developed it's own network of trail systems throughout the township.  Middletown proactively led efforts to secure state funding to construct a trail network behind the former Franklin Mint that, when connected to the Chester Creek trail head, will connect both ends of Middletown to the new Wawa SEPTA rail station and the Promenade at Granite Run

  • Handling difficult issues thoroughly and head on:  two of the more controversial issues in Middletown over the past 10 years were the 'No City' development of the former Franklin Mint property and the PUC mandated installation of the Mariner East pipeline carrying highly volatile liquids.  Council was and has been transparent, deliberate, open and thorough.

  • Fixing Traffic:  Instead of waiting for PennDot - Middletown Council initiated and funded their own solution to the traffic at 452 and 1, engineering and negotiating a 'loop road' to reduce conditions ten years in advance of PennDot's planned start.

  • Smart revitalization and renewal of the former Roosevelt School property.  What was once a facility in decline, the 1921 building is now a community center and soon to add the new home of the Middletown Free Library and community park land.

  • Award winning planning and development in controlling urban sprawl.  Councilman Scott Galloway received the prestigious 2019 Governor's Award for Local Government Excellence from Governor Tom Wolf.